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Água e Sal  (Water and Salt) 

Short doc fiction - Brazil & Belgium, 2019, 10min, HD, Colour

Synopsis: During the 2018 Brazilian presidential elections, a woman floats in waters far from home. When everything seems calm, a wave hits and carries her to the depths of her being. Water and Salt is a journey trough the consciousness of someone whose country is under threat from a fascist government.

Crew: director & editor Luisa Mello / cinematography Hanna Hovitie / sound Domenico Centrone / sound design & mix António Porém Pires / colorist Monica Bustamante / DCP by Walla / produced by DocNomads.

Festivals: IFFR | International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020, BogoShorts 2020,

Vienna Shorts 2020, Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português 2020, Encontros de Cinema

de Viana 2020, Film Festival Netzhaut 2020, IFEMA 2020, Les Mains Gauches 2020,

Persona Film Festival 2020, Curta Cinema 2019. (Still on the festival circuit.)

Awards: Special Mention - Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português 2020 and Special Mention - Encontros de Cinema

de Viana 2020

Link to teaser: https://vimeo.com/392273461

The rest of the yarn

Short documentary - Hungary, 2019, 10min, HD, Colour

Synopsis: In the suburbs of Budapest, an elderly couple live in a suspended time surrounded by butterflies, shells, porcelain and stones. Without heirs, Istvan and Melinda contemplate what will happen to their collections. A film about time, memory and finitude.

Crew: director & editor Luisa Mello / with István Lukács and Melinda Apagyi / cinematography Luciana Baseggio / sound Domenico Centrone / sound mixing Michel Coquette / foley artist Elias Vervecken / foley recording engineer Marina Lerchs / produced by DocNomads.

Festivals: Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad" 2019, Budapest Independent Film Festival 2020.

Link to teaser: https://vimeo.com/364167809

Semi Úmido (Semi Umid)

Short documentary - Brazil, 2019, 25min, HD, Colour

Synopsis: The visual artist Claudia Tavares collects in many bottles the excess of humidity from her studio in Rio de Janeiro to create a garden in Floresta, a village in the northeastern semi-arid region of Brazil with no rain for more than 5 years. We follow the journey of Claudia and her daughter Sofia arriving to this place where Sofia’s father live. The film is about the encounter of two realities connected by water and affection.

Crew: director & editor Luisa Mello, Vinicius Forain / cinematography Luisa Mello / sound Caique Mello / produced by Vinicius Forain / sound mix Bernardo Adeodato / colorist Monica Bustamante.

Festivals & Awards: Special Mention on International Film Festival Prvi kadar/First Frame – Bósnia, Herzegovina 2019, Cinemistica Film Festival - Spain 2019, Cinecipó - Brazil 2019.

*Still in the festival circuit.

Link to teaser: https://vimeo.com/341940737

Dans la Chambre d'Aphrodite (In Aphrodite's Room)

Short doc fiction - Portugal, 2018, 10min, HD, Colour

Synopsis: The film questions the universal myth of Aphrodite through the curious gaze of a woman

fascinated by other's intimacy.

Short film created in collaboration with seven documentary film students during a field trip to the north of Portugal.

Collective: Pilar Bebea, Mirna Everhard, Karoliina Gröndahl, Luisa Mello, Charlotte Müller, Ananthakrishnan Pillai, Ahsan Mahmood, Claudia Sul / Produced by DocNomads.

Festivals & Awards: Best Short Film, Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Festival, 2018.


Short documentary - Brazil, 2015, 13min, HD, Colour

Synopsis: Inside and outside. How people relate themselves through their windows.

Short film created during the documentary course in the International Academy of Films (AIC), Brazil.

Crew: directors Luisa Mello, Cleber Weissheimer, Fabiano Leobons, Fernanda Burzaca, Gabriela Barbato Coelho, Vinicius Forain / cinematography Luisa Mello, Cleber Weissheimer, Fabiano Leobons / editor Luisa Mello and Vinicius Forain.

Link to teaser: https://vimeo.com/140070111

Festivals & Awards: Festival CineBH 2015, Mostra do Filme Livre 2016, Mostra Cine Giro 2016, UDLAFestoc (Chile) 2016.


Honorable Mention - Best Doc - FilmWorks Festival 2017 - "For the precise camera work that, along with subtle and very thought-provoking audio insertions, embodies a sensitive and up-to-date audiovisual observation about human relations through urban space, we reward the film Canto.

Achados e Perdidos (Lost and Found)

Short documentary - Brazil, 2014, 6min, HD, Colour

Synopsis: In search of something lost, a man retraces his memory through the photos of a past Christmas.

Short film created during the archive film course REcine, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Crew: directors Luisa Mello, Camila Lamha, Guilherme Ferraz / producer Rafael Favilla Ferreira / executive producer Ricardo de Barros, Favilla Ferreira / produced by Rio de Cinema.

Link to teaser: https://vimeo.com/128745486

Festivals & Awards: Festival REcine, Mostra do Filme Livre, Mostra de Cinema de Ouro Preto - CineOP , Festival de Cinema Três Passos, Festival Equinoxio - Colombia, Festival FIIK - SP.

D'ailleurs nous sommes français (We are French)

Short documentary - France, 2013, 28min, HD, Colour

Synopsis: Documentary about identity, discussed from the point of view of French of foreign origin who feel French but are not recognized as such. Discrimination, Islamophobia and secular values ​​are issues addressed by the film, outlining a complex and multiple perspective of today's France.

Crew: directors Luisa Mello and Beatriz Souza / cinematography Luisa Mello / sound Beatriz Souza / editor Alan Ribeiro / sound mix Alexandre Griva / colorist Fernando Deslandes / music Z.E.P (Zone d'Expression Populaire.

Link to teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF4z1g6_G0s

Link to film by VIDEOCAMP platform: https://www.videocamp.com/pt/movies/d-ailleurs-nous-sommes-francais 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/somosfranceses/

Festivals & screenings: Cine MIS - Museum of Image and Sound (SP, Brazil), Cineclub The House (RJ, Brazil), UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Porta Curtas (online platform) and VideoCamp (online platform)

Palhaços não choram (Clowns do not cry)

Short fiction - Brazil, 2012, 15min, HD, Colour

Synopsis: Unhappy with his life, he decides to commit suicide. When he is about to jump off a

building, he meets a woman who also has the same goal.

Graduation film - Bachelor Degree - PUC-Rio, Brazil.

Crew: director Luisa Mello / with Augusto Madeira and Juliana Terra / script Afra de Sousa / cinematography Rafaela Chami / sound Daniela Shaw / editor Alan Ribeiro / produced by Luiza Dutra and Antonia Prado.

Link to film: https://vimeo.com/106869900

Festivals & screenings: Brodcasted in Canal Brasil , Rio International Film Festival - Premiere Brazil, Vivo Open Air Porto Alegre, Mostra ABC, Mostra PUC CCJF.