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MonoColor Portraits 

Brazil - 2017 (Work in progress)

Experiment with color. Without using post features such as photoshop, the attempt was to, through a more artisanal way, explore the color tones in a portrait by using flash and reflecting the light on colored paper or wall.

City lines
Brazil, France - 2016

The encounter between the city lines with the freest forms of nature.

From the car window
Brazil - 2014

Experiment with reflex. All the photos were taken from inside a car, more precisely from one of the windows on a sunny afternoon. The light provoked the effect of reflecting in the window the image from the opposite side of the road. With no use of post editing, the photos are a result of the path, waiting for the right moment, always containing an element of surprise.

Portraits in black & white
Brazil - 2013

Photographs taken in very different contexts. The window, the wall or the little use of light - the attempt to portray people absorbed in their world.


Brazil - 2011

Photographs taken in the garden of the Inhotim Museum. I intended to portray the unique and delicate design found in the leaves.

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