Audiovisual Projects

Short documentary about the creative process of the artist Lena Bergstein, during the development of her work The book of Esther. 

Screened in the Midrash Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 


Crew: director & cinematography Luisa Mello / editor Alan Pessanha Ribeiro / music Felipe Rocha 

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O livro de Ester (The book of Esther)

Video - Brazil, 2012, 13min, HD, Colour

Video - Brazil, 2017, 10min, HD, Colour

A poesia de Carlos Cardoso (the poetry of Carlos Cardoso)


Short documentary about Carlos Cardoso's poetry trajectory, and his third book, In the Purity of the Sacrilege with drawings by the artist Lena Bergstein, to be published by Ateliê Editorial.

Crew: director, cinematography & editor Luisa Mello / camera assistant João Carlos Rocha.

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Ser Professor (To be a teacher)

12 teachers from Rio de Janeiro state and municipal public schools tell a little about their life stories.

The project emerged in the context of the strike and teachers' demonstrations that took place at the end of 2013. With a more personal focus, twelve teachers talk about their relationships with the teaching profession, about their daily life, their difficulties and stories that marked their lives. From this closer look, the statements allow a reflection on public education in Rio de Janeiro.


Crew: director & editor Luisa Mello / camera & sound Victor Fiuza / colorist Fernando Deslandes / motion 18 Bis / produced by 14 | Agência de Conteúdo Estratégico.

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Web serie - Brazil, 2013

Brazil, 2016

Promotional video. 

Crew: director, cinematography & editor Luisa Mello.

Sitio Santa Clara
Opening of MAR

What does the museum mean to you? What is your relationship with this space?


Video made at the inauguration of MAR - Rio Art Museum as part of the web series Summer13 by

14 | Agência de Conteúdo Estratégico.


Crew: director & editor Luisa Mello / camera Luisa Mello and Matheus Souza / motion Fernando Deslandes

Brazil, 2013

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