The Missionary Position
Short doc fiction - Belgium, 15min, HD, 2019.

Synopsis: The Missionary Position is a journey through the letters of a young former Roman Catholic White Father in Belgium Congo (1946-1967), written to his family during a religious mission in an exotic place far away from home. We experience the struggle of a young man in a dark imperialist past – in the context of now -  submitting people to the power of his robe while facing questions of purpose, belonging and loneliness.

director Yvonne Nouwen / cinematography Luisa Mello 

The Memory Atlas
Short doc fiction - Belgium/Italy, 10min, HD, Color, 2019.

Synopsis: The Memory Atlas is a surrealistic journey through Aby Warbug's mind, the man who revolutionised the theory of the 20th century's art history. Between 1922 and 1924, the art historian Aby Warburg spent more than two years in the Bellevue Psychiatric Asylum in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. In 2018, a filmmaker finds the real diaries and the medical reports of that experience. Trough a surrealistic journey in Warburg’s mind, The Memory Atlas questions the limits between madness and greatness in the process of creation.

director Domenico Centrone / cinematography Luisa Mello 

Short doc fiction - Portugal, 12min, HD, Color, 2018.

Synopsis: How does it feel to be the underdog? Wilson “Mib” Semedo is a sixteen years-old teenager living in the suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal. Together with his young friends from the neighborhood, he finds a way out from its difficult reality in the boxing gym of Mr.Ramalho. But no matters how hard he trains, nobody seems really to believe in his potential. When boxing becomes the ultimate challenge for social emancipation, the first official match is a mountain to climb for a teenager. Firefly offers the chance for living that match together with Mib. Will he make it?

director Domenico Centrone / cinematography Luisa Mello 

Eu Não Faço a Menor Ideia Do Que Eu Tô Fazendo Com a Minha Vida
Feature film - Brazil, 90min, HD, Color, 2013.

Synopsis: Clara has no idea what she's doing with her life. She chose to go to college for the simple reason that her entire family is made up of respected doctors. It was not what she wanted, but she also doesn't know if there is any specific profession that she would really identify with. Then Clara starts skipping classes without telling her parents or boyfriend. She begins a parallel life in the mornings, where she meets a young boy who encourages her to do experiments to find out, in her own way, what she really likes and what her talent is.

Festivals & screenings: Brazilian movie theaters 2013, Netflix, Gramado Film Festival, Rio International Film Festival.

director Matheus Souza / cinematography Luisa Mello 

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Hoje estou longe
Short fiction film - Brazil, 8min, HD, Color, 2011.

Film made as part of the Bachelor Degree in Cinema from PUC-Rio University, Brazil. 

director Sávio Queiroz / cinematography Luisa Mello 

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